Bitcoin's Bullish Events on the Horizon

The last several weeks have been an incredibly bullish time for bitcoin. We have gone from a summer low of nearly $28k, all the way back up to over $58k. The thought that perhaps this bull run had finished has been erased from memory and the bull market is officially back on. There were several key factors that helped bitcoin come back to this level. The adoption of bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador, Twitter bitcoin payments, and the US government stating that they wouldn't be banning bitcoin. There have also been whispers of a possible bitcoin ETF in the USA that may have caused the price to go up in anticipation of the news. But other than that, we have been moving upwards quietly. That is a very exciting thing. Because once the FOMO does set in and retail buyers join it, it will be the catapult to send us to those lofty price predictions.

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