How Much Bitcoin Do You Need to Have?

If you are anything like me, you are probably constantly going over your portfolio.  Thinking of ways that you could improve it, or set yourself up for more success in the future.  I'm in crypto for the tech and how it could transform the world; but I would be lying if I didn't admit that I'm mostly in it for the money.  It is so rare that we are presented with a golden opportunity that could change your life financially.  And that is what bitcoin and cryptocurrency is.  It has been described by analysts as an event that will cause a transfer of generational wealth.  We have all seen the potential price predictions of where bitcoin may go up to during this bull run.  And this already has had me doing calculations of how much my portfolio would be worth if bitcoin reached $100k, or $200k, or even $300k and above.  

But for most people, their thinking and timelines are just too short.  They need to be thinking on a longer time-frame. After all; when this bull run comes to an end, do you think that the price of bitcoin will never go up higher again?  Of course not.  This market is still so young, and bitcoin is the blue-chip out of all of the coins.  Meaning that bitcoin is just getting started.   If bitcoin reaches a price of $100-300k during this bull run, and yes, I know that is a huge gap I'm giving myself there.  But that is where most of the price predictions have landed for this run.  Anyways, if it does reach those initial numbers, just how high could it go during the next bull run?  And then ten years later, twenty years later.  Personally, I am expecting the price of one full bitcoin to worth a few million dollars at the very least within the decade.  That should set the alarms off in your head, and have you running to check if you have enough bitcoin in your portfolio.

But then we have Fidelity, one of the most respected and largest financial services companies in the world.  They have recently come out as bullish for bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and have even applied for a bitcoin ETF.  News has come out that they even had private meetings with the SEC to discuss that bitcoin ETF.  If any of the proposed bitcoin ETF's are to be approved, my bet is that Fidelity's is the one that will be chosen.  Anyways, Fidelity has released internal projections for where the price of bitcoin could potentially be going.  This projection as shown above has bitcoin reaching a price of $1 million in the year 2026.  But then things become even more interesting.  Around the year 2030, they have the price accelerating much higher.  Reaching $10 million in 2030, $100 million in 2024, and $1 billion in 2038.  

This is enough to make your mind melt from bullishness, especially because it is coming from a source that is highly respected.  Important things to note is that this is only a projection and may not come true.  Also, if bitcoin were to reach those amounts, what would dollars be worth at that time?  It is very possible that inflation would have increased to such an amount that $1 billion worth in 2038 is approximately $100 million in today's dollar, or worth even less than that.  With that said, no matter how high inflation goes, it will still be a huge amount of money.  It is also likely that if the value of bitcoin goes that high, the world will no longer think of prices in terms of dollars, but the world will be priced in bitcoin and SATS.  

This leads me to my question of just how much bitcoin do you need to have to obtain that coveted financial freedom, retire from your job, and become wealthy.  There are a lot of variables that come along with this.  For example, where you live, your age, health, goals, your own thoughts of financial freedom and much more.  For me, I'd love to get financial freedom and retire to Hawaii.  Have a beach-front house and be an entrepreneur from there.  Your idea most likely is very different from mine.

Of course the big dream that all of us should aspire towards is to obtain 1 full bitcoin.  Naturally as the price of BTC continues to increase, it also makes accumulating a full bitcoin even more difficult.  That is where using all the tools available to you becomes even more vital.  This means obtaining a passive-income by lending bitcoin that will compound and increase over time.  While at the same time continuing to spot purchase along the way.  This might mean buying an altcoin during the bear market, and converting it to bitcoin during the bull market.  Or even getting a side job and putting all of that cash into bitcoin. I do believe that having 1 full bitcoin in the future will make you rich.  If you can have more than one, you will be very wealthy. 

But what about if you aren't able to accumulate a full bitcoin?  To that, I say that you need to calculate how much money you will need to gain full financial freedom.  I think the first goal you should strive towards should be to obtain 0.10 BTC.  If bitcoin goes to $1 million that will not make you rich, as you would only have $100k.  But it could be life-changing.  From there, 0.25 BTC should be your goal; this would make your cash amount equal to $250k.  Again not rich, but getting closer.  The thing to remember is that once your portfolio value reaches these numbers, it becomes even more profitable to lend out your BTC for a higher income.  It's a large snowball effect.  Once you have money, it becomes easier to make money.  Your next goal should be 0.50 BTC, then 0.75 BTC and then a full bitcoin.  

In 2026 it is debatable that none of those amounts above would make you rich.  After all, is a person with a million dollars actually rich? Especially when considering inflation.  But once you reach the 2030's as shown in the projection above.  That is when things become more interesting.  Let's say that bitcoin would not reach $1 billion, but stopped at $100 million.  That is still an unbelievable amount of money.  That also means that having just 0.10 BTC would make a person incredibly rich. This is why HODLing is so important.

While these price predictions may or may not come true, it is very exciting to think about and potentially plan for.  The name of the game is to acquire as much bitcoin as possible.  As mentioned before, I believe that this will be the largest transfer of wealth in our lifetimes, and potentially in the history of humans.  I don't want to miss it.

So let me ask you this; Do you have enough bitcoin?



As always, thank you for reading!