The Best Place to Lend Your Bitcoin?

We have survived the summer dips and now the prices in the cryptocurrency market are once again rising. For many people; that would make make them thrilled that the value of their coins are going up. For others; it might give them a feeling of regret. Now that bitcoin and ethereum are becoming more expensive to buy, they will no longer be able to accumulate as much as they once could. Those dream years when bitcoin was under $10,000 and you could easily buy more than 0.01 BTC for just $100 will most likely never be seen again. That same $100 today will net you about 0.0015 BTC. This will only continue to become less and less as bitcoin continue to appreciate in value. The same goes for ethereum. While I believe that these two assets are still very cheap in regards to where they are heading towards. But, there is no denying that it is becoming more expensive to accumulate these assets.

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