The Bitcoin HODL Trap

There's going to be a point very soon during this bull run and perhaps some people have already reached it; where they have made giant profits in cryptocurrency. For many people; this will be an amount of money that they never dreamed possible for them to achieve. It will be life-changing amounts for them. Now life-changing is a very broad term that could mean a wide-array of things for each person. For one person it could be finally giving them enough cash to stash away and save and make each day less stressful. Having money just in-case can resolve a lot of stress. For others it may be finally paying off their credit card debt, something that can be really crippling. For others it may be buying something that they have been wanting for years such as a new car, or putting a down-payment on a new house. And of course for some, these life-changing gains might be enough to retire from your own job, start your own company or just live the easy life. Each person is going after their own goal and this is why many of us are in the cryptocurrency market. Of course there are those of us who have "seen the light" with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies who believe in it so much that we never plan on selling.

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