What if the Bitcoin Super Cycle is Real?

There has endless debate for how this bitcoin cycle will end and where prices will go. Will it mimic 2017, or be more like 2013? Or will it be something completely different? For the longest time there was a general consensus that this cycle will be similar to all previous cycles. Where bitcoin starts moving upwards around 6 months after the bitcoin halving occurs, and then continues moving upwards for the next 18 months or so; ending with a parabolic movement sometime in December or January. Those predictions would place the end of the bull market either next month or 2 months away. This has been the general consensus of what will happen; because up until now, that is what has always happened. Although, there is a recent idea that has come on strong, and that is the "Bitcoin Super Cycle Theory." This idea believes that this bitcoin cycle will be unlike any other cycle before it. That it will not end 18 months after the bitcoin halving, but could last at the very least, another year, if not longer. Some have even proclaimed that this would be the "last cycle," meaning that this could be the last time where bitcoin moves in these 4 year cycles and begins to move upwards in a more calculated manner. This has been a divisive debate with vocal people on both sides strongly believing in their own beliefs. That it will either be regular cycle that will soon come to an end, or the super cycle and the start of something that we've never seen before.

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